Amalfi lemon

Botanical name: Citrus limon “Amalphitanum”
Common name: Amalfi lemon

General features: The Amalfi lemon is a medium-strong, not very thorny and not very re-flowering plant. It has elongated, pale green leaves, which are slightly rounded at the apex. The flowers are purplish in colour, mainly arranged in groups and singly. The fruits of the Amalfi sfusato lemon are elongated, medium-sized, but larger than the common lemon and are light green in colour before reaching maturity.

Curiosity: This is an ancient cultivar that takes its name from its distribution along the Amalfi coast, specifically in the area between the Lattari mountains and the southern side of the Amalfi coast.

Ornamental virtues: The appearance of this plant is very pleasing and lends itself well to gardens and vegetable gardens. The Amalfi lemon is also much appreciated for the intense colour of its leaves, which are darker green than other citrus fruits, and for the beauty of its flowers.