Sweet orange

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
Common name: Sweet orange

General features: The sweet orange plants have a strong root system and the foliage has an expanded shape, similar to a large umbrella. The elliptical and lanceolate leaves have a smooth margin and slightly pointed apex. The orange blossoms are star-shaped with a corolla consisting of five white, highly scented petals. The spherical, slightly pyriform fruits are medium-sized with an intense yellow-orange, thin, resistant and fine-grained skin rich in essential oils and very fragrant.

Curiosity: The orange came to Europe from China via the trade routes and caravan trails that commercially linked Europe with Asian territories around 1400. 

Ornamental virtues: The sweet orange is particularly prized in the ornamental sector for the intense fragrance of its flowers and leaves and for the brightly coloured skin of its fruit, which has great decorative impact.