Syracuse lemon

Botanical name: Citrus limon
Common name: Syracuse lemon

General features: The Syracuse lemon is a medium-strong, sometimes thorny tree with an upright habit. It has elliptical, sharp-edged, deep green leaves. The fruit is pale yellow, medium-sized and elliptical with a medium-thick but fine-grained skin.

Curiosity: The Syracuse lemon PGI is distinguished from others by its high juiciness, the richness of oil glands in the peel and the high quality of its essential oils. It is also an excellent thirst quencher, aromatic and very rich in vitamin C and mineral salts.

Ornamental virtues: The appearance of this plant is very pleasing and lends itself well to gardens and vegetable gardens. The Syracuse lemon is also much appreciated for the intense colour of its leaves, which are darker green than other citrus fruits, and for the beauty of its flowers.